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A Relevant Externality: Global Warming Produced By Human Activity
By Diego Álvarez, Enrique A. Bour, María Paula Cacault, Iris Ceñal, Antonnella Di Menna, and Romina Job
31 de Agosto de 2008.

Presented at the Novenas Jornadas Actuariales, November 6, School of Economics
The « Little Ice Age » was the culmination of a warm period of the Earth, extending since the beginning of XIVth century until the middle of XIXth. Natural climatic oscillations aren't new phenomena. They have an impact on human population throughout wars, plagues and famines. Since the Industrial Revolution the global warming is thought to be caused by anthropogenic factors - e.g. by emissions of contaminants (such as CO2). This document includes a description of the phenomenon, of the underlying externalities, as well of some proposals (Stern, Chichilnisky) and of the Kyoto Protocol (1997). The Argentine case is examined. (August 2008) JEL Codes : Q0, Q1, Q2. Keywords: Climatic Change - Anthropic Forcing - Global Warming - Externalities - Kyoto Protocol.

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