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Tratado de Microeconomía
Enrique A. Bour, 2008, 2009.

This is an encompassing treatise of several main questions from the point of view of modern microeconomics, including: 1) An introduction to the most important economists and relevant analytical discoveries of the last 140 years; 2) An introduction to optimization and game theory; 3) Analysis of the decision by consumers, producers, and the consequences of risk, uncertainty, and inter-temporal choice; 4) A microeconomic theory of accountancy, wages and incentive systems in the firm and resource allocation through time; 5) Competitive markets, monopolistic ones (including monopoles in disputable markets), and market power; 6) General Equilibrium Theory, linear programming, the exchange and production models of Walras, fixed-point theorems, and partial and global stability; 7) A presentation of efficiency and social choice, as well as of the second-best theorem; 8) An analysis of Marx’s theory from the standpoint of Leontief model; 9) A discussion of socialism; 10) A presentation of public goods theory, incentive theory and externalities, assessing in particular the risks of the global climatic change; 11) An analysis of the regulatory capitalism; 12) A broad section assigned to information theory, law and economics, economics of education and of health; 13) A concluding section assigned to financial economics.

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