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Derecho y Economía Científico e Introducción a la Estadística y la Econometría Básicas
Enrique A. Bour, 2010.

This book is about the modern approach of Law and Economics, emphasizing practical questions using Statistics and Multiple Regression instruments. In the Introduction the basic structure of Justice of Argentina is compared to that of other countries, specially the U.S. - where Law and Economics is a leading movement. In Chapter I we submit that Law is to be analyzed from the point of view of epistemology, so we present the main guidelines of modern critical thought. In II, we introduce the measurement and sampling problems, and the question about causal relationships as usual in any scientific approach – in spite of a normative twist in Law. Chapter III deals with statistics as an instrument to analyze data and to extract causal inferences from them. A well-designed statistical study may be very helpful in Law, and in fact it is required in the United States by the Federal Rules of Evidence. Along with many examples of jurisprudence in the U.S., to be expanded in the following chapter, a general approach to modern probability theory is presented. Chapter IV is a an input to modern econometrics through the lens of multiple regression. We stress the specification step. How the results of a regression analysis to a court should be presented is the next important subject. In an Appendix to Chapter IV we develop the more technical concepts useful for a lawyer. Chapter V main concern is to make available the most important tables for statistical analysis. Since from this point on we concentrate on Schools in Law and Economics (Chapter VI), the main theorems deducted by the movement (Chapter VII), and try to forecast the main trends in the United States, in Europe, paying special attention to the proposal to infuse a new dynamics to Law in Latin America through a reform program of ALACDE civil and commercial code, following a proposal by Del Granado and Mirow (Chapter VIII). A Chapter IX on Bibliography ends the book. Throughout it we have included several photos of main researchers of the movement. This book should be viewed as a companion to my other book Lecturas de Metodología Económica y Derecho (2008, 2009) that aims at presenting the main tenets of Law and Economics, by analyzing some basic problems.

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