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Corporate Social Responsibility – Analysis of the Concept
By Enrique A. Bour, August 30, 2012.

Is there a logic that contradicts the market? Can or should a capitalist enterprise ignore other societal goals? Emphasizing the normative interpretation of these claims, it provides a Spanish translation of Milton Friedman's article published in 1970. This item is located in relation to literature, with the thesis that economists are more inclined to Friedman's position, on the contrary, those who do not display the role of decentralized operation of markets, emphasize additional functions. According to the economists’ view they can distort the role of a company in an economic system.

JEL codes: B41 - Economic Methodology; D01 - microeconomic behavior: underlying principles; D60 - General Welfare Economics; K0 - Law and Economics, General.

This article has been published also in El Dial – Suplemento de Derecho Económico - Año X - 21 de Septiembre de 2012 as "Responsabilidad Social de la Empresa" – Análisis del Concepto and in Estudios Económicos, Vol. XXIX (N.S.), Julio-Diciembre 2012, Nº59

"Corporate Social Responsibility" – Analysis of the Concept (PDF de 344 KB).
Presentation (PPT de 174 KB).
Comment by Baccino (PDF de 27 KB).
A Rejoinder to Baccino (PDF de 90 KB).

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