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     A Behavioral Model of Rational Choice
By Herbert A. Simon, Cowles Foundation Paper Nr. 98, The Quarterly Journal of Economics, Vol. LXIX, February, 1955.
     A Biological Homage to Mickey Mouse
By Stephen Jay Gould, Natural History, 88 (March, 1979).
     A Brief of the Art of Rhetorick; Containing in substance all that Aristotle hath written in his three books on that subject
By Thomas Hobbes, from Peithô's Web.
     A Careful Explanation of the Differences Between the Basic Macro Models Used by the Following: ‘Classical’ Economists as identified by Keynes
A Careful Explanation of the Differences Between the Basic Macro Models Used by the Following: ‘Classical’ Economists as identified by Keynes, the Neoclassical Economists Who Debated With Keynes’s Followers in the 1940s and 1950s, and the Keynesian E
     A Century of Progress in the Social Sciences
By L. L. Bernard and J. S. Bernard, Social Forces, Volume 11, Issue 4 , May 1933.
     A Comment to the Paper Marx and Modern Economic Theory: a Reappraisal of the Labour Theory of Value
By Alfredo Canavese.
     A Conceptual Framework for Interpreting Recorded Human History
By Douglass C North, John Joseph Wallis, Barry R. Weingast, NBER Working Paper No. 12795, Issued in December 2006.
     A Conversation with Murray Kemp
By William Coleman, History of Economics Review (Australia), Volume Vol. 41, Winter 2005.
     A Critique of Friedman's Critiques
By Lawrence A. Boland, 1979, Journal of Econ. Lit.Vol. 17.
     A Critique of Friedman’s Methodological Instrumentalism
By Bruce J. Caldwell, Southern Economics Journal, Vol. 47, No. 2 (Oct., 1980), 366-374.
     A Cross-Section of Business Cycle Discussion
By J. Marschak, American Economic Review, 35, 1945.
     A Discourse on the Origin and the Foundation of Inequality among Mankind
By Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 1754, The Literature Network.
     A Discussion Between Professor Henry Sidgwick and the Late Professor John Grote, on the Utilitarian Basis of Plato's Republic
By John Grote and Henry Sidgwick, The Classical Review, Vol. 3, Nº 3, Mar. 1889.
     A Dissertation on the Origin and Foundation of the Inequality of Mankind and is it Authorised by Natural Law?
By Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 1754.
     A Generalization of the Wiener-Hopf Integral Equation
By Albert E. Heins and Norbert Wiener, Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA, Vol. 32, 1946.
     A Hierarchical Neuronal Network for Planning Behavior
By Stanislas Dehaene and Jean-Pierre Changeux, Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA, Vol. 94, November 1997.
     A Historical Transformation from Feudalism to 'Capitalism'
By Michio Morishima, Suntory and Toyota International Centres for Economics and Related Disciplines, London School of Economics and Political Science, January 1986.
     A History of Economic Thought
By William J. Barber, Penguin 1967.
     A la Búsqueda de un Crecimiento Sostenido con Equidad Social
Banco Mundial, Nºl 1 January 2005.
     A l´ombre des jeunes filles en fleur
By Marcel Proust, A la Recherche du Temps Perdu, Tome 2.
     A Marx-Sraffa Bipartisan Agreement (Upon Doing Away with the Value-Price Transformation)
By Guido Carandini. Giornale di Filosofia, Luglio 2007.
     A Modest Proposal for some stress on Scholarship in Graduate Training
By Jacob Viner, Address before the Graduate Convocation, Brown University, June 3, 1950.
     A New View of Society Or, Essays on the Principle of the Formation of the Human Character, and the Application of the Principle to Practice
By Robert Owen, [1816], Rod Hay's Archive for the History of Economic Thought, McMaster University, Canada.
     A Plea for Mechanisms
By Jon Elster, ch. 3 in Peter HedstrØm and Richard Swedberg (eds.), Social Mechanisms: An Analytical Approach to Social Theory, Cambridge, 1998.
     A Portrait of the Artist as a Young
By James Joyce, [1916] Project Gutenberg, First Posted: December, 2001.
     A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man
By James Joyce, The Literature Network.
     A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (2)
By James Joyce, [1916], Project Gutenberg, 2003.
     A Profit-Rate Invariant Solution to the Marxian Transformation Problem
By Jean-Guy Loranger, July 2002.
     A Sceptic's Comment on the Study of Economics
By Ariel Rubinstein, The Economic Journal, 116, 2006.
     A Short History of Economics As a Moral Science
By James E. Alvey, Journal of Markets & Morality 2, no. 1(Spring 1999), 53-73.
     A Star is Born? The Authors, Principles and Objectives of Analytical Sociology
By Filippo Barbera, Papers 80, 2006, 31-50.
     A Stroll Through the Worlds of Animats and Humans: Review of Being There: Putting Brain, Body and World Together Again by Andy Clark
By Anthony Chemero, Psyche, 4(14), October, 1998.
     A Study of Don Quixote
By Daniel Eisenberg. Newark: Juan de la Cuesta, 1987.
     A Study of History
By Arnold J. Toynbee, Oxford University Press, 1939.
     A System of Logic: Raciocinative and Inductive
By John Stuart Mill, Classical Utilitarianism Web Site, Longman, Green & Co. edition (1925).
     A Theory of Justice
By John Rawls, 1999, Oxford University Press.
     A Tiger by the Tail, A 40-Years’ Running Commentary on Keynesianism
By Friedrich A. Hayek, Third Edition, The Institute of Economic Affairs and the Ludwig von Mises Institut, 2009.
     A Tragedy of the Public Knowledge 'Commons'? Global Science, Intellectual Property and the Digital Technology Boomerang
By Paul A. David, Electronic Journal of Intellectual Property Rights, September 2000.
     A Treatise of Human Nature
By David Hume, 1739.
     A Treatise of Ireland
By Sir William Petty, 1687.
     A Tutto Fondo - Un Ritratto di Bruno de Finetti
By Gian-Italo Bischi, University of Urbino, Lettera Matematica Pristem, N. 61, 2006. (In Italian)
     Abducción en el contexto del descubrimiento científico
By Rodolfo J. Rodríguez, 2003, ponencia: IX jornadas filosóficas. Inif. Ucr.
     Abducción y falsacionismo: aportes de la teoría de la abducción de Peirce para iluminar los límites del falsacionismo popperiano
By Roxana Cecilia Ynoub.
     Abducción. La inferencia del descubrimiento
By Aníbal R. Bar, Cinta de Moebio Nº 12, December 2001, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Universidad de Chile.
     Accounting-Economics Interface: Where the Market Fails
By Lawrence A. Boland, International Journal of Social Economics, 25, 1998.
     Adam Smith and the Theory Of Value: Chapter Six Considered
By John F. Henry, History of Economics Review (Australia), Volume 31, Winter 2000.
     Adam Smith: Critical Theorist?
By Keith Tribe, Journal of Economic Literature, Vol. 37, No. 2 (Jun., 1999), pp. 609-632.
     Addition aux Pensées Philosophiques ou Objections Diverses contre les Écrits de Différents Théologiens
By Denis Diderot, first published 1763.
     Address to the World Economic Forum
By Václav Havel, President of the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic, February 1992, Davos, Switzerland.
     Adieu à Emmanuel Lévinas
By Jacques Derrida, Paris, Galilée, 1997.
     Adiós al capitalismo de Friedman y Hayek
By Paul A. Samuelson, El País, Aug. 2008.
     Advances in Economic Theory: Sixth World Congress, Vol. I
By Kenneth G. Binmore, Eric van Damme, Eddie Dekel, Drew Fuddenberg, David G. Pearce, Ariel Rubinstein, John Moore, Thomas R. Palfrey, and Mathias Dewatripont. Ed. by Jean-Jacques Laffont. Econometric Society Monographs, 1992, Cambridge University Pr
     Agent-Based Computational Economics: A Constructive Approach to Economic Theory
By Leigh Tesfatsion, December 2005.
     Agregación de Bienes Perfectamente Complementarios
By Rolf R. Mantel, Economica, La Plata, Vol. XLV, Número Especial, 1999.
     Alban Forcione. Cervantes, Aristotle and the "Persiles". Princeton University Press, 1970
By Daniel Eisenberg, Publicado en Nueva Revista de Filología Hispánica, 23 (1974 [1975]).
     Albert Einstein
By Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia, PDF generated using the open source mwlib toolkit.
     Albert K. Ando (1929-2002)
By Charles Yuji Horioka, Economic Analysis of Economic Institutions, Discussion Paper Series, October 2005.
     Alfred Marshall's Idea of Progress and Sustainable Development
By Katia Caldari, Journal of the History of Economic Thought (2004), 26: 519-536.
     Algoritmos genéticos y computación evolutiva
By Adam Marczyk, 2004.
     Allen Oakley's Contribution to the History of Political Economy: Capitalism, Agency-Structure and Realism
By Phillip Anthony O'Hara, History of Economics Review (Australia), Vol. 45, Winter 2007 & SSRN.
     Alphabet, Mother of Invention
By Marshall McLuhan and R. K. Logan, Et Cetera, December 1977.
     An Anti-clerical Policy of Socialism
By Rosa Luxemburg, first published in Le Mouvement Socialiste, January 1, 1903.
     An Economic History of Rome
By Tenney Frank, 2nd edition revised, Batoche Books, 2004.
     An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding
By David Hume, 1772, ch. on "Cause and Effect".
     An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding (2)
By David Hume, Reprinted from the Posthumous Edition of 1777, and edited with Introduction, Comparative Tables of Contents, and Analytical Index by L.A. Selby-Bigge, M.A., Late Fellow of University College, Oxford. Second Edition, 1902. First Posted:
     An Essay on Mediaeval Economic Teaching
By George O'Brien, 2001, Batoche Books.
     An Essay on the Co-ordination of the Laws of Distribution
By Philip H. Wicksteed, 1894.
     An Essay on the nature and significance of economic science
By Lionel Robbins, 2nd ed., MacMillan & Co., 1945.
     An Essay on the Principle of Population
By Thomas Malthus, 1798.
     An Examination into the Principles of Currency
By John Elliott Cairnes, [1854], McMaster University Archive for the History of Economic Thought.
     An Examination of Sir William Hamilton's Philosophy and of the Principal Philosophical Questions Discussed in his Writings
By John Stuart Mill, Boston, 1865.
     An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations
By Adam Smith, 3d ed., Published 1920 by Methuen & Co., London, 2 v., Edited with an Introduction, Notes, Marginal Summary and an Enlarged Index by Edwin Cannan.
     An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations (2)
By Adam Smith, Pennsylvania State University, Electronic Classics Series, Jim Manis, Faculty Editor, 2005.
     An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations (3)
By Adam Smith, Preface by Edwin Cannan, Liberty Fund, 2000.
     An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations (4)
By Adam Smith, HTML from the University of Adelaide. Renascence Editions, 2000 The University of Oregon.
     An Inquiry into the Principles of Political Economy
By Sir James Steuart, [1767], Source: Rod Hay's Archive for the History of Economic Thought, McMaster University, Canada.
     An Institutionalist Post Keynesian Methodology of Economic Policy with an Application to Full Employment
By Mathew Forstater, Working Paper No. 18, University of Missouri - Kansas City.
     An Interview with Edmond Malinvaud
By Alan B. Krueger, The Journal of Economic Perspectives, Vol. 17, No. 1 (Winter, 2003), pp. 181-198.
     An Interview with Franco Modigliani
By William A. Barnett and Robert Solow, The University of Kansas, Working Paper Series in Theoretical and Applied Economics, Macroeconomic Dynamics, 4, 2000.
     An Interview with G. L. S. Shackle
By The Austrian Economics Newsletter, Spring 1983.
     An Interview with Karl Shell
By Stephen E. Spear and Randall Wright, Macroeconomic Dynamics, 5, 2001.
     An Interview with Raymond Queneau
By Georges Charbonnier, "Review of Contemporary Fiction," Fall 1997, Volume 17.3.
     An Interview with Robert Aumann
Interviewed By Sergiu Hart, Jerusalem, January 2005. To Appear in Macroeconomic Dynamics.
     An Interview with Robert Nozick
By Julian Sánchez, July 26, 2001.
     An Interview with Thomas C. Schelling: Interpretation of Game Theory and the Checkerboard Model
By N. Emrah Aydinonat, Economics Bulletin, October 2005.
     An Introduction to Connective Knowledge
By Stephen Downes, in Hug, Theo (ed.) (2007): Media, Knowledge & Education - Exploring new Spaces, Relations and Dynamics in Digital Media Ecologies. Proceedings of the International Conference held on June 25-26, 2007. November 27, 2007.
     An Open Letter to President Roosevelt
By John Maynard Keynes, December 16, 1933.
     An Overview of The General Theory
By James Tobin, Reprinted from A Second Edition of The General Theory (G.C.Harcourt and P.A.Riach, eds.), Vol. 2, 1997.
By Friedrich Engels, (in French), 1878, Electronic Edition by Chicoutimi, Québec.
     Antibody Structure and Molecular Immunology
By Gerald M. Edelman, Nobel lecture, December, 1972.
     Apología de Sócrates
By Platón, Educar.org.
     Apología del Economista
By Arthur C. Pigou, in Teoría y Realidad Económica, Fondo de Cultura Económica, 1942.
     Applying Economic Methodology: Recognizing Knowledge in Economic Models
By Lawrence A. Boland, Energeia: International Journal of Philosophy and Methodology of Economics, 1, 2002.
     Aproximaciones (desde la modernidad) a la filosofía de José Gaos
By Mario Magallón Anaya.
     Archidoxa (Archidoxia mágica)
By Paracelso el Grande, 1570, Biblioteca Upasika.
     Are Markets Morally Free Zones?
By Daniel M. Hausman, Philosophy and Public Affairs, 18, 1989.
     Arguing and Bargaining in the Federal Convention and the Assemblée Constituante
By Jon Elster, Working Paper, University of Chicago, 1991.
     Aristotle on Eudaimonia
By Thomas Nagel, Phronesis, Vol. 17, No. 3 (1972), pp. 252-259.
     Around Gödel's Theorem
By Karlis Podnieks, © 1997-2006 by Karlis Podnieks.
     Arsenio Lope Huerta. Los Cervantes de Alcalá. Alcalá de Henares: Centro de Estudios Cervantinos, 1998
By Daniel Eisenberg, From: Cervantes: Bulletin of the Cervantes Society of America, 22.1 (2002). Copyright 2002, The Cervantes Society of America.
     Assumptions in Economic Theory
By Ernest Nagel, American Economic Association, May 1963.
     Atheist Foundation of Australia Inc - Interview with Richard Dawkins
By Sheena McDonald, August 15, 1994, ch. 4 of UK.
     August Comte and Positivism
By John Stuart Mill, London, 1865. Reprinted from Westminster Review, 1865.
     Austrian Economics and Game Theory: A Stocktaking and an Evaluation
By Nicolai Foss, Review of Austrian Economics, 13: 41–58 (2000).
     Autobiografía (desde 1770 hasta la revolución de 1810)
By Manuel Belgrano.
By John Stuart Mill, 1873.
     Axel Leijonhufvud and the Quest for Micro-foundations - Some Reflections
By David Laidler, Draft, August 30-31, 2006. Conferencia en honor de Axel Leijonhufvud.
     Axioms of Cooperative Decision Making
By Hervé Moulin, 1988, Cambridge University Press.


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