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17/3 Microeconomía II
Recuperatorio Teórico Curso Intensivo Verano 2018

17/3 Microeconomía II
Recuperatorio Práctico Curso Intensivo Verano 2018

11/3 Microeconomía II
Curso Intensivo Verano 2018

26/2 Microeconomía II
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6/2 Microeconomía II
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     A Coalition-Formation Approach to Equilibrium Federations and Trading Blocs
By John B. Burbidge, James A. DePater, Gordon M. Myers and Abhijit Sengupta, The American Economic Review, Vol. 87, No. 5 (Dec., 1997), pp. 940-956.
     A Country's Maximal Gains from Trade and Conflicting National Interests
By William J. Baumol and Ralph E. Gomory, C.V. Starr Center for Applied Economics, June 1998.
     A Discussion on Armington Trade Substitution Elasticities
By Christine A. McDaniel and Edward J. Balistreri, January 2002, USITC Office of Economics Working Paper No. 2002-01-A; SSRN.
     A General Equilibrium Model of World Trade - Part 1 - Full Format Computation of Economic Equilibria
By Victor Ginsburgh and Jean Waelbroeck, Cowles Foundation Discussion Paper,November 1975.
     A General Equilibrium Model of World Trade - Part 2 - The Empirical Specification
By Victor Ginsburgh and Jean Waekbroeck, Cowles Foundation Discussion Paper, December 1975.
     A Geometry of Transport Costs in International Trade Theory
By Robert A. Mundell, Ch 5 of "International Economics", Macmillan, 1968.
     A Glimpse of 2020
By Richard N. Cooper, 2004
     A Linear Ricardo Model with Varying Parameters
By Ralph E. Gomory and William J. Baumol, Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA, Vol. 92, February 1995.
     A New Model of Labor Dynamics: Ultrametrics, Okun's Law, and Transient Dynamics
By Masanao Aoki and Hiroshi Yoshikawa, UCLA Economics Working Paper, June 2003.
     A Political-Economy Analysis of Free-Trade Areas and Custom Unions
By Arvind Panagariya and Ronald Findlay, The World Bank, Policy Research Working Paper, March 1994.
     A Review of Armington Trade Substitution Elasticities
By Christine A. McDaniel and Edward J. Balistreri, September 2002.
     A Review of Joseph Stiglitz' "Globalization and Its Discontents"
By Richard N. Cooper, September 2002.
     A Ricardo Model with Economies of Scale
By Ralph E. Gomory, Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA, Vol. 88, September 1991.
     A Survey of Models of Network Formation: Stability and Efficiency
By Matthew O. Jackson, January 2003, in Group Formation in Economics: Networks, Clubs and Coalitions (Gabrielle Demange and Myrna Wooders, eds.).
     A Theory of Optimum Currency Areas
By Robert A. Mundell, Ch. 12 of "International Economics", Macmillan, 1968.
     A Two-Country,Three-Commodity, Dynamic Model of International Trade
By T.N. Srinivasan,Cowles Foundation Discussion Paper, December, 1963.
     Abordagem Intertemporal da Conta Corrente: Introduzindo Cambio ê Juros no Modelo Básico
By Nelson da Silva and Joaquim Pinto de Andrade, Econ. Aplic., Sâo Paulo, v. 11, N. 2, April-June 2007.
     Acerca de las ventajas comparadas de sistemas de crawling-peg activo y pasivo en la economía pequeña
By Rolf R. Mantel and Ana María Martirena-Mantel, Económica, Vol. XLVII, Número Especial, 2001.
     Advanced International Trade
By Robert C. Feenstra, Ch. 1: "Preliminaries: Two-Sector Models", Princeton University Press, © 2003.
     Advanced Topics in International Trade: Firms and International Trade
By Pol Antràs, Spring 2004.
     Aid For Trade
By Joseph Stiglitz and Andrew Charlton, Mar. 2006.
     An Identity Crisis? Examining IMF Financial Programming
By William Easterly, New York University, October 2005.
     An Inaugural Lecture
By J. R. Hicks, Oxford Economic Papers, New Series, Vol. 5, No. 2 (Jun., 1953), pp. 117-135.
     An Inframarginal Analysis of the Heckscher-Olin Model with Transaction Costs and Technological Comparative Advantage
By Wen Li Cheng, Jeffrey D. Sachs, and Xiaokai Yang, CID Working Paper, April 1999.
     Analysis of Linear Trade Models and Relation to Scale Economies
By Ralph E. Gomory and William J. Baumol, Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA, Vol. 94, September 1997.
     Analytical Aspects of Anti-Inflation Policy
By Paul A. Samuelson and Robert M. Solow, The American Economic Review, Vol. 50, Nr.2, Papers and Proceedings of the Seventy-second Annual Meeting of the American Economic Association (May, 1960), 177-194.
     Apertura y distribución: una propuesta concreta de apertura comercial
By Rolf R. Mantel and Ana María Martirena-Mantel, Económica, Vol. XLVII, Número Especial, 2001.
     Architecture Financière Internationale: au-delà des Institutions de Bretton-Woods
By Michel Aglietta, Actualités du CEPII, 4ème trimestre 2004.
     Argentina en la ALALC. Estadísticas Comerciales 1959-1963
By José María Dagnino-Pastore, CIE, 1965.
     Armington Elasticities in Intermediate Inputs Trade: A Problem in Using Multilateral Trade Data
By Mika Saito, 2004 International Monetary Fund, WP/04/22.
     Armington Meets Melitz: Introducing Firm Heterogeneity in a Global CGE Model of Trade
By Fan Zhai, Journal of Economic Integration, Issue: Volume 23, Number 3 / September 2008.
     Aspectos Sobre la Economía Política de la Protección
By Edgardo E. Zablotsky and Juan C. Rodríguez, Diciembre 1993, CEMA.
     Assessing Proposals for a Transatlantic Free Trade Area
By Rolf J. Langhammer, Daniel Piazolo and Horst Siebert, Aussenwirtschaft, 57 2, November 2002


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