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     "Build It or Not": Normative and Positive Theories of Private-Public Partnerships
By David Martimort and Jerome Pouyet, January 11, 2006.
     A Comment of "Loose Cables - A Commedy (The Electricity Problem in Argentina)"
By Castor López, Mendoza, AAEP meeting, November 2003.
     A Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Privatization of Canadian National Railway
By Anthony E. Boardman, Claude Laurin, Mark A. Moore, and Aidan R. Vining, Canadian Public Policy, Volume 35, Number 1 / March 2009, 59-83.
     A General Equilibrium Entrepreneurial Theory of Firm Formation Based on Risk Aversion
By Richard E. Kihlstrom and Jean-Jacques Laffont, The Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 87, No. 4 (Aug., 1979), pp. 719-748.
     A note on the economic interpretation of a proof of existence of general equilibrium with taxes
By Omar O. Chisari, 2009. Journal, FCE, Universidad Nacional de La Plata, vol. 0, pages 23-28, January-D.
     A Regulatory Adjustment Process for Optimal Pricing by Multiproduct Monopoly Firms
By Ingo Vogelsang and Jörg Finsinger, The Bell Journal of Economics, Vol. 10, No. 1 (Spring, 1979), pp. 157-171.
     A Self Enforcing Model of Corporate Law
By Bernard S. Black and Reinier Kraakman, Harvard Law Review, vol. 109, 1996; SSRN.
     A Spatial 'Smart Market' for Electric Power and Transmission
By Jeffrey K. MacKie-Mason, University of Michigan, University of California Energy Institute and NBER, July 1994.
     A Theory of BOT Concession Contracts
By Emmanuelle Auriol and Pierre M. Picard, January 2010.
     A Theory of Incentives in Procurement and Regulation
By Jean-Jacques Laffont and Jean Tirole, MIT, Cambridge, London 1993, Lecture Notes Text 14, Technische Universität Dresden, eingereicht von: Eric Reuter, Ina Rumiantseva, Mario Große.
     A Theory of Post-Producer Commodity Bundling: Professor Hirshleifer meets Professor Becker
By Robert E. McCormick, William F. Shugart II and Robert D. Tollison, May 2003, University of Mississippi.
     Access ? Access 1 + Access 2
By Gerald R. Faulhaber.
     Access and Network Effects in a "New Economy" Merger: AOL-Time Warner (2000)
By Gerald R. Faulhaber. Draft.
     Access by the Poor in Latin America's Utility Reform - Subsidies and Service Obligations
By Omar O. Chisari, Antonio Estache, & Catherine Waddams Price, 2001. Working Paper UNU-WIDER Research Paper, World Institute for Development Economic Research (UNU-WIDER).
     Access pricing and competition
By Jean-Jacques Laffont and Jean Tirole, European Economic Review 38 (1994) 1673-1710.
     Access to Networks: Economic and Constitutional Connections
By Daniel F. Spulber and Christopher S. Yoo, Cornell Law Review, Vol. 88, May 2003.
     Advanced Wireless Technologies and Public Policy
By Thomas W. Hazlett and Matthew L. Spitzer, 79 S. Cal. L. Rev. 595 (2005-2006).
     Afinal, a quais interesses serve a regulação?
By Ronaldo Fiani, Economia e Sociedade, Campinas, v. 13, n. 2 (23), p. 81-105, jul./dez. 2004.
     Airport Financing, Costing, Pricing and Performance
By David Gillen, Len Henriksson and Bill Morrison, Canada Transportation Act Review, April 2001.
     Algunos Determinantes de la Inversión en Sectores de Infraestructura en la Argentina
By Omar O. Chisari and Martín A. Rodríguez Pardina, CEPAL, November 1998.
     An Agency Perspective on the Costs and Benefits of Privatization
By David Martimort, April, 2005. Journal of Regulatory Economics, 2006, Volume 30, Number 1, 5-44.
     An Assessment of Privatization
By Sunita Kikeri and John Nellis, World Bank Res. Obs. (2004) 19 (1): 87-118.
     An Empirical Framework for Testing Theories About Complementarity in Organizational Design
By Susan Athey and Scott Stern, NBER Working Paper, February, 1998.
     Análisis de Economías de Escala en la Industria del Transporte Aéreo en Europa
By Manuel Romero Hernández, V Encuentro de Economía Aplicada, Oviedo, June 2002.
     Analysis of Vertical Separation of Regulators under Adverse Selection
By Takanori Ida and Masahito Anbashi, Journal of Economics, Volume 93, Number 1, 1-29, 2008.
     Analyzing Oligopolistic Electricity Markets Using Coevolutionary Computation
By H. Chen, K.P. Wong, D.H.M. Nguyen and C. Y. Chung, IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, vol. 21, nº 1, February 2002.
     Apertura comercial en el sector informático
By Pablo Acosta and Marcela Cristini, FIEL, Documento de Trabajo Nº 69, Junio de 2001.
     Argentina 1990s'Utilities Privatization: A Cure or a Disease?,
By Antonio Estache, World Bank Working Paper Series, February 2003.
     Argentina: 2004 Gas Crisis
By Anouk Honoré, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, November 2004.
     Aspectos Macro e Microeconômicos das Reformas Brasileiras
By Rubens Penha Cysne, CEPAL, May 2000.
     Auction design and favoritism
By Jean-Jacques Laffont and Jean Tirole, MIT Working Paper, 1989.
     Auctions of Capacity in Network Industries
By Jon Stern and Ralph Turvey, Regulation Initiative Working Paper, October 2002.
     Auditing Without Commitment
By Fahad Khalil, Rand Journal of Economics, Vol. 28, No. 4, Winter 1997, 629-640.
     Balancing Access and the Universal Service Obligation
By Michael A Crew and Paul A. Kleindorfer, in Crew and Kleindorfer (Eds.), 2003, Postal and Delivery Services: Delivering on Competition, Boston.
     Behind the Revolving Door: A New View of Public Utility Regulation
By David J. Salant, The RAND Journal of Economics, Vol. 26, No. 3 (Autumn, 1995), pp. 362-377.
     Bidding for Concessions
By Michael W. Klein, World Bank Policy Research Working Paper, August 1998.
     Body of Knowledge on Infrastructure Regulation
By Public Utility Research Center (University of Florida) and World Bank, 2007.
     Bottlenecks and Bandwagons: Access Policy in the New Telecommunications
By Gerald R. Faulhaber. Portions of this chapter appeared in The Law Review of Michigan State University - Detroit College of Law, 677 (2002).
     Broadband Deployment: Is Policy in the Way?
By Gerald R. Faulhaber. Brookings Conference Proceedings, 2003.
     Cables Sueltos - La Trasmisión Eléctrica en la Provincia de Buenos Aires (Comedia)
By Enrique A. Bour (FIEL) and Carlos Carman (Hidrosud), Buenos Aires, 2003.
     California's Electricity Crisis
By Paul L. Joskow, NBER Working Paper, August 2001.
     Cambios Estructurales y Evolución de la Productividad Laboral en la Industria Latinoamericana en el Período 1970-1996
By Jorge Katz, CEPAL, February 1999.
     Can the Gains from Argentina's Utilities Reform Offset Credit Shocks?
By Daniel A. Benitez, Omar O. Chisari, & Antonio Estache, 2001. Working Paper UNU-WIDER Research Paper, World Institute for Development Economic Research (UNU-WIDER).
     Captura del regulador? Fallas de la regulación de las tarifas eléctricas
By Jorge Hernández, Abraham Sánchez y Allan Calderón, El caso ICELEC en Costa Rica 1979-2000.
     Chadwick and Demsetz on Competition and Regulation
By William Mark Crain and Robert B. Ekelund, Jr., Journal of Law and Economics, Vol. 19, No. 1 (Apr., 1976), pp. 149-162.
     Characterization of Satisfactory Mechanisms for the Revelation of Preferences for Public Goods
By Jerry Green and Jean-Jacques Laffont, Econometrica, Vol. 45, No. 2 (Mar., 1977), pp. 427-438.
     Choosing the extent of private participation in public services: A computable general equilibrium perspective
By Omar O. Chisari, Germán D. Lambardi, and Carlos A. Romero, 2007. MPRA Paper 15358, University Library of Munich, Germany.
     Collusion and Delegation
By Jean-Jacques Laffont; Rand Journal of Economics, Vol. 29, 1998.
     Competencia Desleal en el Comercio Minorista. Experiencia Internacional y su Relevancia para el caso Argentino
By Daniel Artana and Fernando Navajas, FIEL, Documento de Trabajo Nº 54, Agosto de 1997.
     Competition in Broadband Provision and its Implications for Regulatory Policy
By Dan Maldoom, Richard Marsden, J. Gregory Sidak, and Hal J. Singer, October 2003.
     Competition in Network Industries
By Michael W. Klein, World Bank Policy Research Working Paper, November 30, 1999.
     Competition in networks: Moving forward by going back to the basics
By P. H. Longstaff, The Systems Assurance Institute at Syracuse University.
     Competition in Public Utilities in Developing Countries
By Paulina Beato and Jean-Jacques Laffont, IFM Publications, Infrastructure and Financial Markets Division, February 2002.
     Competition in the British Domestic Gas Market: Efficiency and Equity
By Ruth Hancock and Catherine Waddams Price, Fiscal Studies (1996) vol. 16, no. 3, p81-105.
     Competition in the British Electricity Spot Market
By Richard J. Green and David M. Newbery, The Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 100, No. 5 (Oct., 1992), pp. 929-953.
     Competition versus Regulation: "Mediating between Right and Right" in the Wireless and Wireline Telephone Industries
By Benjamin Douglas Arden; Federal Communications Law Journal, Vol. 57, 2004.
     Competition, information, and development
By Jean Jacques Laffont, Annual World Bank Conference on Development Economics 1998, 237-257.
     Competition, Regulation and Privatisation of Electricity Generation in Developing Countries: Does the Sequencing of the Reforms Matter?
By Yinfang Zhang, David Parker and Colin Kirkpatrick, The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, Volume 45, Issues 2-3, May 2005, Pages 358-379.
     Competitive Bidding for a Long-Term Electricity Distribution Contract
By Stephen C. Littlechild, University of Cambridge, 2001.
     Competitive Electricity Markets and Investment in New Generating Capacity
By Paul L. Joskow, Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research, April 2006.
     Concession Contract Renegotiations: Some Efficiency vs. Equity Dilemmas
By Antonio Estache and Lucía Quesada, September, 2001.
     Consideration Sets and Competitive Marketing
By Kfir Eliaz and Ran Spiegler, First version: April 2006. This version: December 2007. ELSE Working Papers.
     Core Indicators for Determinants and Performance of the Electricity Sector in Developing Countries
By Tooraj Jamasb,David M. G. Newbery and Michael G. Pollitt, World Bank Policy Research Working Paper, May 2005.
     Corruption and Inefficiency: Theory and Evidence from Electric Utilities
By Ernesto Dal Bó and Martín A. Rossi, Journal of Public Economics, Volume 91, Issues 5-6, June 2007, Pages 939-962.
     Corruption and market reform
By Kjetil Bjorvatn and Tina Søreide, Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration and Chr. Michelsen Institute, May 2003.
     Corruption and Regulatory Structures
By Anthony Ogus, Berkeley Program in Law and Economics, Working Paper Series, August 2003.
     Cost Padding, Auditing and Collusion
By Jean-Jacques Laffont and Jean Tirole, Annales d'Économie et de Statistique, No. 25/26, Organisations et jeux / Organizations and Games (Jan. - Jun., 1992), pp. 205-226.
     Cost Savings From Privatization: A Compilation of Study Findings
By John Hilke, Reason Foundation (1993).
     Cross Subsidies in Public Services: Some Issues
By Paulina Beato, Inter-American Development Bank, Sustainable Development Department, Technical Papers Series, January 2000.
     Declining Competition in Telecommunications: Could This Have Been Predicted?
By P. H. Lonstaff, The Systems Assurance Institute at Syracuse University.
     Deregulated Wholesale Electricity Prices in Europe
By Bruno Bosco, Lucia Parisio, Matteo Pelagatti, and Fabio Baldi, October 2006.
     Deregulating Telecommunications
By Daniel F. Spulber, 12 Yale J. on Reg. 25 (1995).
     Deregulation and Managed Competition in Network Industries
By J. Gregory Sidak and Daniel F.Spulber, Yale Journal on Regulation, Vol. 15, Nº 1, Winter 1998.
     Desempeño de las Industrias de Electricidad y Gas Natural Después de las Reformas: El Caso de Argentina
By Héctor Pistonesi, CEPAL, December 2001.
     Determinantes de la Inversión en el Sector Petróleo y Gas de la Argentina
By Nicolás Gadano, CEPAL, October 1998.
     Determinantes de la Inversión en Telecomunicaciones en Argentina
By Marcelo Celani, CEPAL, November 1998.
     Do Regulation and Institutional Design Matter for Infrastructure Sector Performance?
By Luis Andres, J. Luis Guasch and Stéphane Straub, October, 2007, World Bank Policy Research Working Paper No. 4378; SSRN.
     Economic Growth and Performance in Latin America
By André A. Hofman, ECLAC, March 2000.
     Economic Integration and Investment Incentives in Regulated Industries
By Emmanuelle Auriol and Sara Biancini, May 2009, CEPR Discussion Paper No. DP7296.
     Economic Perspectives on Privatization
By John Vickers and George Yarrow, The Journal of Economic Perspectives, Vol. 5, Issue 2 (Spring, 1991), 111-132.
     Economic Regulation of Urban Water and Sanitation Services: Some Practical Lessons
By David Ehrhardt, Eric Groom, Jonathan Halpern, and Seini O’Connor, Water Sector Board Discussion Paper Series, No. 9, April 2007.
     Economic Regulation of Water Companies
By Michael W. Klein, World Bank Policy Research Working Paper, September 1996.
     Economists' Statement on Network Neutrality Policy
By William J. Baumol, Martin E. Cave, Robert E. Litan, Peter Cramton, Robert W. Hahn, Thomas W. Hazlett, Paul L. Joskow, Alfred E. Kahn, John W. Mayo, Patrick E. Messerlin, Bruce Owen, Robert S. Pindyck, Vernon Smith, Scott Wallsten, Leonard Waverman
     Efficiency Effects of 'Privatization' in Argentina's Water and Sanitation Services
By Antonio Estache and Lourdes Trujillo, May 2003.
     El origen de la industrialización argentina
By Javier Villanueva, Desarrollo Económico, Volumen XII, Nº 47, 1972.
     El Problema del Año 2000: Implicancias Económicas Potenciales
By Enrique Bour, FIEL, Documento de Trabajo Nº 60, Marzo de 1999.
     Electricity and telecoms reforms in the EU: Insights from the economics of federalism
By Francesc Trillas, Utilities Policy, Volume 18, Issue 2, June 2010, Pages 66-76, Regulation and Competition Policy Issues: Papers from January 2009 CCRP Research Workshop.
     Electricity Generation with Looped Transmission Networks: Bidding to an ISO
By Xinmin Hu, Daniel Ralph, Eric K. Ralph, Peter Bardsley and Michael C. Ferris, University of Cambridge, 2004.
     Electricity Prices in a Competitive Environment: Marginal Cost Pricing of Generation Services and Financial Status of Electrical Utilities - A Preliminary Analysis Through 2015
Energy Information Administration, August 1997.
     Electricity Sector Reform in Developing Countries: A Survey of Empirical Evidence on Determinants and Performance
By Tooraj Jamasb, David M. G. Newbery, Michael G. Pollitt, and Rafaella Mota, World Bank Policy Research Working Paper, March 2005.
     Electricity Sector Restructuring and Competition: Lessons Learned
By Paul L. Joskow, Cuadernos de Economía, vol. 40, December 2003.
     Electrification and Regulation: Principles and a Model Law
By Kilian Reiche, Bernard Tenenbaum, and Clemencia Torres de Mästle, The World Bank Group, Energy and Mining Sector Board, Paper No. 18, July 2006.
     Emerging Technologies and Public Policy: Lessons from the Internet
By Gerald R. Faulhaber.
     Empirical Studies of Bank Privatization: An Overview
By George R.G. Clarke, Robert Cull, and Mary Shirley, November, 2003
     End the Postal Monopoly
By James C. Miller III, Cato journal, Vol.5, No. 1 (Spring-Summer 1985), 149-155.
     Entry and Vertical Disintegration in Networks
By Alain de Fontenay and Christian Hogendorn, March 14, 2005.
     Evaluation of Day-Ahead Market Prices for Wholesale Electric Power in California: A Critique of the Orthodox Theory of Price Determination
By James W. Okenfuss, Oeconomicus, Volume IV, Winter 2001.
     First-Price Sealed-Bid Auctions with Secret Reservation Prices
By Bernard Elyakime, Jean Jacques Laffont, Patrice Loisel and Quang Vuong, Annales d'Économie et de Statistique, No. 34, Économétrie de la concurrence imparfaite / Econometrics of Imperfect Competition (Apr. - Jun., 1994), pp. 115-141.
     Forecasting the Demand for Privatized Transport: What Economic Regulators Should Know and Why
By Lourdes Trujillo, Emile Quinet and Antonio Estache, World Bank Policy Research Working Paper, March 2002.
     Globalizing Corporate Governance: Convergence of Form or Function
By Ronald J. Gilson, May 2000, Stanford Law and Economics Olin Working Paper; and Columbia Law and Economics Working Paper; SSRN.
     Gobierno Corporativo: los problemas, estado actual de la discusión y un ejercicio de medición para Argentina
By Omar O. Chisari and Gustavo Ferro, University Library of Munich, Germany, series MPRA Paper n. 15630.
     Good Practice Guidance and Uncertainty Management in National Greenhouse Gas Inventories
By IPCC NGIP, Montreal, May, 2000.
     Goodbye Washington Consensus, Hello Washington Confusion? A Review of the World Bank’s Economic Growth in the 1990s: Learning from a Decade of Reform
By Dani Rodrik, Journal of Economic Literature, Vol. XLIV (December 2006), pp. 973–987.
     Government Outsourcing: Public Contracting with Private Monopoly
By Emmanuelle Auriol and Pierre M. Picard, The Economic Journal, Volume 119, Issue 540, pages 1464–1493, October 2009.
     Growth and Reforms in Latin America and the Caribbean in the 1990s
By Igor Paunovic, ECLAC, May 2000.
     Hacia un nuevo plan eléctrico
By Alfredo Visintini and Carlos Bastos, Desarrollo Económico, Volumen 27 Nº 107, 1987.
     Highway Franchising and Real Estate Values
By Eduardo Engel, Ronald Fisher and Alexander Galetovic, Cowles Foundation Paper Nº 1354, February 2002.
     How to Determine whether Regional Markets are Integrated? Theory and Evidence from European Electricity Markets
By Georg Gebhardt and Felix Höffler, May 2008, SFB/TR 15 Governance and the Efficiency of Economic Systems, Free University of Berlin, Humboldt University of Berlin, University of Bonn, University of Mannheim, University of Munich.
     Impact of Regional Market Power on Natural Gas Transport Network Size
By F. Gasmi, J. J. Laffont and J. D. Oviedo, IDEI Working Paper, February 2004.
     Incentive Contracts for Infrastructure, Litigation and Weak Institutions
By Alfredo Garcia, James D. Reitzes, and Juan Benavides, Journal of Regulatory Economics; 27:1 5–24, 2005.
     Incentive Regulation in Network Industries: Experience and Prospects in the U.S. Telecommunications, Electricity, and Natural Gas Industries
By Ross C. Hemphill, Mark E. Meitzen and Philip E. Schoech, Review of Network Economics, Vol. 2, Issue 4, December 2003.
     Incentive Regulation in Theory and Practice: Electricity Distribution and Transmission Networks
By Paul L. Joskow, September 15, 2005.
     Incentives versus Transaction Costs: A Theory of Procurement Contracts
By Patrick Bajari and Steven Tadelis, The RAND Journal of Economics, Vol. 32, No. 3 (Autumn, 2001), pp. 387-407.
     Indexes of Structural Reform in Latin America
By Samuel A. Morley, Roberto Machado and Stefano Pettinato, ECLAC, January 1999.
     Industrial Organization and New Findings on the Turnover and Mobility of Firms
By Richard E. Caves, Harvard Institute of Economic Research, November 1997.
     Industry Structure, Market Rivalry, and Public Policy
By Harold Demsetz, Journal of Law and Economics, Vol. 16, No. 1. (Apr., 1973).
     Ineficiencia en la distribución de energía eléctrica: Una aplicación de las funciones de distancia estocástica
By Ligia Melo B. and Néstor Espinosa, Ensayos Sobre Política Económica, Banco de la República – ESPE, 2005.
     Information Asymmetries and Regulatory Decision Costs: Evidence from Electric Utility Rate Reviews 1980-2000
By Adam Fremeth and Guy L. F. Holburn, Journal of Law, Economics and Organization, Spring 2012.
     Information Technology and Training in Emergency Call Centers
By Susan Athey and Scott Stern, Industrial Relations Research Association, Proceedings of the Fifty-First Annual Meetings, New York, 1999.
     Informe final - Mercados eléctricos
By Alex Piña Reyes and Felipe César Valdebenito Tepper, May 2006, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Escuela de Ingeniería, Departamento de Ingeniería Eléctrica.
     Infraestructura y costos de logística en la Argentina
By Marcela Cristini, Ramiro Moya and Guillermo Bermúdez, FIEL, Documento de Trabajo Nº 75, Diciembre de 2002.
     Infrastructure Access Pricing and Lump Investments
By Ralph Turvey, Regulation Initiative Working Paper, January 2002.
     Infrastructure and Public Utilities Privatization in Developing Countries
By Emmanuelle Auriol and Pierre M. Picard, World Bank Econ. Rev. (2009) 23 (1): 77-100.
     Infrastructure concessions in Latin America: government-led renegotiations
By J. Luis Guasch, Jean-Jacques Laffont and Stéphane Straub, World Bank Policy Research Working Paper, 2005.
     Infrastructure delivery: private initiative and the public good
By Charles D. Jacobson, Joel A. Tarr, Bishop Veronique, Mark Schankerman, David E. Sappington, Barry Eichengreen, Vinaya Swaroop, S. Zhu Ning, Thomas H. Pyle, Dilip Kumar Patro, Ashoka Mody (editor), World Bank Working Paper, 1996.
     Integración Vertical: El Caso de la Explotación de Aeropuertos
By Marcos Gallacher and Alfredo Sesé, CEMA Working Paper.
     Interactions Between Competition and Consumer Policy
By Mark Armstrong, February 2008. ELSE Working Papers.
     Interconnection Negotiations between Telecommunications Networks and Universal Service Objectives
By Vasaliki Skreta, UCLA Economics Working Paper, March, 2004.
     Interlinking Securities Settlement Systems: A Strategic Commitment?
By Karlo Kauko, European Central Bank Working Paper N. 427, January 2005.
     Inversiones en Infraestructura Vial: la Experiencia Argentina
By Ricardo Delgado, CEPAL, October 1998.
     Investimentos na Indústria Brasileira Depois da Abertura e do Real: O Mini-Ciclo de ModernizaÇôes, 1995-1997
By Ricardo Bielschowsky, CEPAL, November 1999.
     Investments characteristics in infrastructure industry
By Razvan Catalin Dobrea, Nadia Ciocoiu, and Stelian Tipa, Economia. Seria Management Vol.13, Nr. 1/2010.
     La Anatomía Simple de la Crisis Energética en Argentina
By Walter Cont and Fernando Navajas, Buenos Aires, Agosto de 2004.
     La Reforma del Sector Eléctrico en Colombia: Breve Análisis y Crítica Constructiva
By Santiago Urbiztondo and Juan Manuel Rojas, FIEL, October 2005.
     Las Inversiones en la Industria Argentina en la Década de los Noventa
By Roberto Bisang and Georgina Gómez, CEPAL, November 1999.
     Las pequeñas y medianas empresas en la Argentina
By FIEL, 1996.
     Las PYMES argentinas: ambiente de negocios y crecimiento exportador
By Marcela Cristini and G. Bermúdez, FIEL, Documento de Trabajo Nº 80, Junio de 2004.
     Le risque moral dans la relation de mandat
By Jean-Jacques Laffont, Revue économique, Vol. 38, No. 1 (Jan., 1987), pp. 5-23.
     Liberalization of the Gas Sector in Latin America: The Experience of Three Countries
By Paulina Beato and Carmen Fuente, Inter-American Development Bank, Sustainable Development Department, Best Practices Series, June 2000.
     Lobbies, Delegation and the Under-Investment Problem in Regulation
By Joanne Evans, Paul Levine, and Fransesc Trillas, International Journal of Industrial Organization, Volume 26, Issue 1, January 2008, Pages 17-40.
     Market Design Test Environments
By S. Widergreen, J. Sun and Leigh Tesfatsion. Montreal, 2006.
     Markets for Power in the United States: An Interim Assessment
By Paul L. Joskow, August 23, 2005.
     Measurement Problems in Regulation
By Denis Lawrence and Erwin Diewert, Presentation to Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Melbourne, July 2004.
     Meddling Through: Regulating Local Telephone Competition in the United States
By Robert G. Harris and C. Jeffrey Kraft, The Journal of Economic Perspectives, Vol. 11, No. 4 (Autumn, 1997), pp. 93-112.
     Mediating Market Power in Electricity Networks
By Richard J.Gilbert, Karsten Neuhoff and David M. G. Newbery, UC Berkeley, Center for Competition Policy Working Paper, August 7, 2002.
     Mentoring and Diversity
By Susan Athey, Christopher Avery and Peter Zemsky, American Economic Review 90 (4), September 2000.
     Merchant Transmission Investment
By Paul L. Joskow and Jean Tirole, The Journal of Industrial Economics, Vol. LIII, Nº 2, June 2005.
     Modernización del Comercio Minorista en la Argentina
By D. Artana, M. Cristini, R. Moya and M. Panadeiros, FIEL, Documento de Trabajo Nº 55, Setiembre de 1997.
     Monitoring and Collusion with "Soft" Information
By Sandeep Baliga, Jnl. of Law, Economics, and Organization,Volume 15, Issue 2 Pp. 434-440.
     Multiproduct Cost Functions and SubAdditivity Tests: A Critique of the Evans and Heckman research on the U.S. Bell System
By W. Erwin Diewert and Terence J. Wales, June 1991, The University of British Columbia.
     Network Competition: II. Price Discrimination
By Jean-Jacques Laffont, Patrick Rey, and Jean Tirole; Rand Journal of Economics, Vol. 29, 1998.
     Network Effects and Merger Analysis: Instant Messaging and the AOL-Time Warner Case
By Gerald R. Faulhaber. Telecommunications Policy, Jun/Jul 2002, 26.
     Network Industries and Regulatory Jurisdiction
By Francesc Trillas, May, 2010, IESE Business School Working Paper No. 859.
     Network Regulation: The Many Faces of Access
By Daniel F. Spulber and Christopher S. Yoo, Vanderbilt Public Law Research Paper, June 8, 2005.
     New tools for studying network industry reforms in developing countries: the telecommunications and electricity regulation database
By Scott Wallsten, George Clarke, Luke Haggarty, Rosario Kaneshiro, Roger Noll, Mary Shirley, and Colin Xu Lixin, World Bank Policy Research Working Paper, April 2004.
     Notas para una Tarificación Eficiente de la Transmisión Eléctrica
By Juan-Pablo Montero and Salvador Valdés, Cuadernos de Economía, vol. 41, August 2004.
     Nuclear Power: A Hedge against Uncertain Gas and Carbon Prices
By Fabien A. Roques, William J. Nuttall, David M. Newbery, and Richard de Neufville, November 2005.
     On Latin America's Infrastructure Privatization and Its Distributional Effects
By Antonio Estache, April 30, 2003.
     On the "Receiver-Pays" Principle
By Doh-Shin Jeon, Jean-Jacques Laffont and Jean Tirole, The RAND Journal of Economics, Vol. 35, No. 1 (Spring, 2004), pp. 85-110.
     On the Receiver Pays Principle
By Jean-Jacques Laffont, Doh-Shin Jeon and Jean Tirole, The RAND Journal of Economics, vol. 35, n. 1, Spring 2004, p. 85-110.
     On the Regulation of Networks as Complex Systems: A Graph Theory Approach
By Daniel F.Spulber and Christopher S. Yoo, Northwestern University Law Review, Vol. 99,Summer 2005.
     On the subadditivity of cost functions
By Russel J. Cooper, W. Erwin Diewert and Terence J. Wales, The International Handbook of Telecommunications Economics, Volume I, Ed. by Gary Madden, 2003.
     Open Access in Network Industries
By George Hariton and Peter Milne, Canada Transportation Act Review, November 2000.
     Organizational Design: Decision Rights and Incentive Contracts
By Susan Athey and John Roberts, American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings, May 2001.
     Partially Verifiable Information and Mechanism Design
By Jerry R. Green and Jean-Jacques Laffont, The Review of Economic Studies, Vol. 53, No. 3 (Jul., 1986), pp. 447-456.
     Policy Induced Competition: The Telecommunications Experiments
By Gerald R. Faulhaber. Information Economics and Policy, 2003.
     Political Renegotiation of Regulatory Contracts
By Cécile Aubert and Jean-Jacques Laffont, First Version November 2000, This version March 2004.
     Political Stabilization by an Independent Regulator
By David Martimort, in Badi H. Baltagi and Efraim Sadka (ed.) The Political Economy of Antitrust (Contributions to Economic Analysis, Volume 282), pp.383-415.
     Políticas de Reforma y Comportamiento Macroeconómico: La Argentina en los Noventa
By Daniel Heymann, CEPAL, May 2000.
     Price Caps, Rate-of-Return Regulation, and the Cost of Capital
By Ian Alexander and Timothy Irwin, September 1996, The World Bank Group.
     Price Regulation, Investment and the Commitment Problem
By Paul Levine and Neil Rickman, February 2002, CEPR Discussion Paper No. 3200.
     Pricing Dynamics of Network Utilities in Developing Countries
By Omar Chisari and Ioannis N. Kessides, 2009. Review of Network Economics, Berkeley Electronic Press, vol. 8(3).
     Pricing the Internet: The Efficient Subsidy
By Gerald R. Faulhaber, published in B. Kahin, ed., Building Information Structure, 1992.
     Principios para Tarificar la Transmisión Eléctrica
By M. Soledad Arellano and Pablo Serra, Cuadernos de Economía, vol. 41, August 2004.
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