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     Cables Sueltos - La Trasmisión Eléctrica en la Provincia de Buenos Aires (Comedia)
By Enrique A. Bour (FIEL) and Carlos Carman (Hidrosud), Buenos Aires, 2003.
     California's Electricity Crisis
By Paul L. Joskow, NBER Working Paper, August 2001.
     Cambios Estructurales y Evolución de la Productividad Laboral en la Industria Latinoamericana en el Período 1970-1996
By Jorge Katz, CEPAL, February 1999.
     Can the Gains from Argentina's Utilities Reform Offset Credit Shocks?
By Daniel A. Benitez, Omar O. Chisari, & Antonio Estache, 2001. Working Paper UNU-WIDER Research Paper, World Institute for Development Economic Research (UNU-WIDER).
     Captura del regulador? Fallas de la regulación de las tarifas eléctricas
By Jorge Hernández, Abraham Sánchez y Allan Calderón, El caso ICELEC en Costa Rica 1979-2000.
     Chadwick and Demsetz on Competition and Regulation
By William Mark Crain and Robert B. Ekelund, Jr., Journal of Law and Economics, Vol. 19, No. 1 (Apr., 1976), pp. 149-162.
     Characterization of Satisfactory Mechanisms for the Revelation of Preferences for Public Goods
By Jerry Green and Jean-Jacques Laffont, Econometrica, Vol. 45, No. 2 (Mar., 1977), pp. 427-438.
     Choosing the extent of private participation in public services: A computable general equilibrium perspective
By Omar O. Chisari, Germán D. Lambardi, and Carlos A. Romero, 2007. MPRA Paper 15358, University Library of Munich, Germany.
     Collusion and Delegation
By Jean-Jacques Laffont; Rand Journal of Economics, Vol. 29, 1998.
     Competencia Desleal en el Comercio Minorista. Experiencia Internacional y su Relevancia para el caso Argentino
By Daniel Artana and Fernando Navajas, FIEL, Documento de Trabajo Nº 54, Agosto de 1997.
     Competition in Broadband Provision and its Implications for Regulatory Policy
By Dan Maldoom, Richard Marsden, J. Gregory Sidak, and Hal J. Singer, October 2003.
     Competition in Network Industries
By Michael W. Klein, World Bank Policy Research Working Paper, November 30, 1999.
     Competition in networks: Moving forward by going back to the basics
By P. H. Longstaff, The Systems Assurance Institute at Syracuse University.
     Competition in Public Utilities in Developing Countries
By Paulina Beato and Jean-Jacques Laffont, IFM Publications, Infrastructure and Financial Markets Division, February 2002.
     Competition in the British Domestic Gas Market: Efficiency and Equity
By Ruth Hancock and Catherine Waddams Price, Fiscal Studies (1996) vol. 16, no. 3, p81-105.
     Competition in the British Electricity Spot Market
By Richard J. Green and David M. Newbery, The Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 100, No. 5 (Oct., 1992), pp. 929-953.
     Competition versus Regulation: "Mediating between Right and Right" in the Wireless and Wireline Telephone Industries
By Benjamin Douglas Arden; Federal Communications Law Journal, Vol. 57, 2004.
     Competition, information, and development
By Jean Jacques Laffont, Annual World Bank Conference on Development Economics 1998, 237-257.
     Competition, Regulation and Privatisation of Electricity Generation in Developing Countries: Does the Sequencing of the Reforms Matter?
By Yinfang Zhang, David Parker and Colin Kirkpatrick, The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, Volume 45, Issues 2-3, May 2005, Pages 358-379.
     Competitive Bidding for a Long-Term Electricity Distribution Contract
By Stephen C. Littlechild, University of Cambridge, 2001.
     Competitive Electricity Markets and Investment in New Generating Capacity
By Paul L. Joskow, Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research, April 2006.
     Concession Contract Renegotiations: Some Efficiency vs. Equity Dilemmas
By Antonio Estache and Lucía Quesada, September, 2001.
     Consideration Sets and Competitive Marketing
By Kfir Eliaz and Ran Spiegler, First version: April 2006. This version: December 2007. ELSE Working Papers.
     Core Indicators for Determinants and Performance of the Electricity Sector in Developing Countries
By Tooraj Jamasb,David M. G. Newbery and Michael G. Pollitt, World Bank Policy Research Working Paper, May 2005.
     Corruption and Inefficiency: Theory and Evidence from Electric Utilities
By Ernesto Dal Bó and Martín A. Rossi, Journal of Public Economics, Volume 91, Issues 5-6, June 2007, Pages 939-962.
     Corruption and market reform
By Kjetil Bjorvatn and Tina Søreide, Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration and Chr. Michelsen Institute, May 2003.
     Corruption and Regulatory Structures
By Anthony Ogus, Berkeley Program in Law and Economics, Working Paper Series, August 2003.
     Cost Padding, Auditing and Collusion
By Jean-Jacques Laffont and Jean Tirole, Annales d'Économie et de Statistique, No. 25/26, Organisations et jeux / Organizations and Games (Jan. - Jun., 1992), pp. 205-226.
     Cost Savings From Privatization: A Compilation of Study Findings
By John Hilke, Reason Foundation (1993).
     Cross Subsidies in Public Services: Some Issues
By Paulina Beato, Inter-American Development Bank, Sustainable Development Department, Technical Papers Series, January 2000.


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