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     Economic Growth and Performance in Latin America
By André A. Hofman, ECLAC, March 2000.
     Economic Integration and Investment Incentives in Regulated Industries
By Emmanuelle Auriol and Sara Biancini, May 2009, CEPR Discussion Paper No. DP7296.
     Economic Perspectives on Privatization
By John Vickers and George Yarrow, The Journal of Economic Perspectives, Vol. 5, Issue 2 (Spring, 1991), 111-132.
     Economic Regulation of Urban Water and Sanitation Services: Some Practical Lessons
By David Ehrhardt, Eric Groom, Jonathan Halpern, and Seini O’Connor, Water Sector Board Discussion Paper Series, No. 9, April 2007.
     Economic Regulation of Water Companies
By Michael W. Klein, World Bank Policy Research Working Paper, September 1996.
     Economists' Statement on Network Neutrality Policy
By William J. Baumol, Martin E. Cave, Robert E. Litan, Peter Cramton, Robert W. Hahn, Thomas W. Hazlett, Paul L. Joskow, Alfred E. Kahn, John W. Mayo, Patrick E. Messerlin, Bruce Owen, Robert S. Pindyck, Vernon Smith, Scott Wallsten, Leonard Waverman
     Efficiency Effects of 'Privatization' in Argentina's Water and Sanitation Services
By Antonio Estache and Lourdes Trujillo, May 2003.
     El origen de la industrialización argentina
By Javier Villanueva, Desarrollo Económico, Volumen XII, Nº 47, 1972.
     El Problema del Año 2000: Implicancias Económicas Potenciales
By Enrique Bour, FIEL, Documento de Trabajo Nº 60, Marzo de 1999.
     Electricity and telecoms reforms in the EU: Insights from the economics of federalism
By Francesc Trillas, Utilities Policy, Volume 18, Issue 2, June 2010, Pages 66-76, Regulation and Competition Policy Issues: Papers from January 2009 CCRP Research Workshop.
     Electricity Generation with Looped Transmission Networks: Bidding to an ISO
By Xinmin Hu, Daniel Ralph, Eric K. Ralph, Peter Bardsley and Michael C. Ferris, University of Cambridge, 2004.
     Electricity Prices in a Competitive Environment: Marginal Cost Pricing of Generation Services and Financial Status of Electrical Utilities - A Preliminary Analysis Through 2015
Energy Information Administration, August 1997.
     Electricity Sector Reform in Developing Countries: A Survey of Empirical Evidence on Determinants and Performance
By Tooraj Jamasb, David M. G. Newbery, Michael G. Pollitt, and Rafaella Mota, World Bank Policy Research Working Paper, March 2005.
     Electricity Sector Restructuring and Competition: Lessons Learned
By Paul L. Joskow, Cuadernos de Economía, vol. 40, December 2003.
     Electrification and Regulation: Principles and a Model Law
By Kilian Reiche, Bernard Tenenbaum, and Clemencia Torres de Mästle, The World Bank Group, Energy and Mining Sector Board, Paper No. 18, July 2006.
     Emerging Technologies and Public Policy: Lessons from the Internet
By Gerald R. Faulhaber.
     Empirical Studies of Bank Privatization: An Overview
By George R.G. Clarke, Robert Cull, and Mary Shirley, November, 2003
     End the Postal Monopoly
By James C. Miller III, Cato journal, Vol.5, No. 1 (Spring-Summer 1985), 149-155.
     Entry and Vertical Disintegration in Networks
By Alain de Fontenay and Christian Hogendorn, March 14, 2005.
     Evaluation of Day-Ahead Market Prices for Wholesale Electric Power in California: A Critique of the Orthodox Theory of Price Determination
By James W. Okenfuss, Oeconomicus, Volume IV, Winter 2001.


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