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     Impact of Regional Market Power on Natural Gas Transport Network Size
By F. Gasmi, J. J. Laffont and J. D. Oviedo, IDEI Working Paper, February 2004.
     Incentive Contracts for Infrastructure, Litigation and Weak Institutions
By Alfredo Garcia, James D. Reitzes, and Juan Benavides, Journal of Regulatory Economics; 27:1 5–24, 2005.
     Incentive Regulation in Network Industries: Experience and Prospects in the U.S. Telecommunications, Electricity, and Natural Gas Industries
By Ross C. Hemphill, Mark E. Meitzen and Philip E. Schoech, Review of Network Economics, Vol. 2, Issue 4, December 2003.
     Incentive Regulation in Theory and Practice: Electricity Distribution and Transmission Networks
By Paul L. Joskow, September 15, 2005.
     Incentives versus Transaction Costs: A Theory of Procurement Contracts
By Patrick Bajari and Steven Tadelis, The RAND Journal of Economics, Vol. 32, No. 3 (Autumn, 2001), pp. 387-407.
     Indexes of Structural Reform in Latin America
By Samuel A. Morley, Roberto Machado and Stefano Pettinato, ECLAC, January 1999.
     Industrial Organization and New Findings on the Turnover and Mobility of Firms
By Richard E. Caves, Harvard Institute of Economic Research, November 1997.
     Industry Structure, Market Rivalry, and Public Policy
By Harold Demsetz, Journal of Law and Economics, Vol. 16, No. 1. (Apr., 1973).
     Ineficiencia en la distribución de energía eléctrica: Una aplicación de las funciones de distancia estocástica
By Ligia Melo B. and Néstor Espinosa, Ensayos Sobre Política Económica, Banco de la República – ESPE, 2005.
     Information Asymmetries and Regulatory Decision Costs: Evidence from Electric Utility Rate Reviews 1980-2000
By Adam Fremeth and Guy L. F. Holburn, Journal of Law, Economics and Organization, Spring 2012.
     Information Technology and Training in Emergency Call Centers
By Susan Athey and Scott Stern, Industrial Relations Research Association, Proceedings of the Fifty-First Annual Meetings, New York, 1999.
     Informe final - Mercados eléctricos
By Alex Piña Reyes and Felipe César Valdebenito Tepper, May 2006, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Escuela de Ingeniería, Departamento de Ingeniería Eléctrica.
     Infraestructura y costos de logística en la Argentina
By Marcela Cristini, Ramiro Moya and Guillermo Bermúdez, FIEL, Documento de Trabajo Nº 75, Diciembre de 2002.
     Infrastructure Access Pricing and Lump Investments
By Ralph Turvey, Regulation Initiative Working Paper, January 2002.
     Infrastructure and Public Utilities Privatization in Developing Countries
By Emmanuelle Auriol and Pierre M. Picard, World Bank Econ. Rev. (2009) 23 (1): 77-100.
     Infrastructure concessions in Latin America: government-led renegotiations
By J. Luis Guasch, Jean-Jacques Laffont and Stéphane Straub, World Bank Policy Research Working Paper, 2005.
     Infrastructure delivery: private initiative and the public good
By Charles D. Jacobson, Joel A. Tarr, Bishop Veronique, Mark Schankerman, David E. Sappington, Barry Eichengreen, Vinaya Swaroop, S. Zhu Ning, Thomas H. Pyle, Dilip Kumar Patro, Ashoka Mody (editor), World Bank Working Paper, 1996.
     Integración Vertical: El Caso de la Explotación de Aeropuertos
By Marcos Gallacher and Alfredo Sesé, CEMA Working Paper.
     Interactions Between Competition and Consumer Policy
By Mark Armstrong, February 2008. ELSE Working Papers.
     Interconnection Negotiations between Telecommunications Networks and Universal Service Objectives
By Vasaliki Skreta, UCLA Economics Working Paper, March, 2004.
     Interlinking Securities Settlement Systems: A Strategic Commitment?
By Karlo Kauko, European Central Bank Working Paper N. 427, January 2005.
     Inversiones en Infraestructura Vial: la Experiencia Argentina
By Ricardo Delgado, CEPAL, October 1998.
     Investimentos na Indústria Brasileira Depois da Abertura e do Real: O Mini-Ciclo de ModernizaÇôes, 1995-1997
By Ricardo Bielschowsky, CEPAL, November 1999.
     Investments characteristics in infrastructure industry
By Razvan Catalin Dobrea, Nadia Ciocoiu, and Stelian Tipa, Economia. Seria Management Vol.13, Nr. 1/2010.


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