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     Implementing Eco-System based managed approaches in Canada's Forests. A Science-Policy dialogue
By Brenda McAfee and Christian Malouin (editors), published by Natural Resources Canada, Ottawa, 2008.
     Improving Willingness to Pay Estimates for Quality Improvements Through Joint Estimation with Quality Perceptions
By John Whitehead, NCEE Working Papers Series, August, 2005.
     Influential Publications in Ecological Economics: A Citation Analysis
By Robert Costanza, David I. Stern, Brendan P. Fisher, Lining He, and Chunbo Ma, Rensselaer Working Papers in Economics, March 2004.
     Institutions and the Environment
By Elinor Ostrom, Economic Affairs, Volume 28, Issue 3, September 2008.
     International Cooperation over Green Taxes: On the Impossibility of Achieving a Probability-One Gain
By Thomas Aronsson, Kenneth Backlund, and Karl-Gustaf Löfgren. CESifo Working Paper No. 567, September 2001.
     IPCC Expert Meeting on The Science to Address UNFCCC Article 2 including Key Vulnerabilities
By O. Canziani, R. Christ, O. Davidson, B. Metz, R. Pachauri, M. Parry, A. Patwardhan, D. Qin, R. Richels, S. Schneider, S. Semenov, Y. Sokona, and S. Solomon, Buenos Aires, Argentina, May 2004.
     Irreversibilities and the Timing of Environmental Policy
By Robert S. Pindyck, FEEM Working Paper, January 2000.
     Is Canada Forest a Carbon Sink or Source?
By The Canadian Forest Service Science-Policy Notes, October 2007.
     Is There a Role for Benefit-Cost Analysis in Environmental, Health, and Safety Regulation?
By Kenneth J. Arrow, Maureen L. Cropper, George C. Eads, Robert W. Hahn, Lester B. Lave, Roger G. Noll, Paul R. Portney, Milton Russell, Richard Schmalensee, V. Kerry Smith, and Robert N. Stavins, Environment and Development Economics (1997), 2: 195-
     Is There Still Time to Avoid 'Dangerous Anthropogenic Interference' with Global Climate? - A Tribute to Charles David Keeling
By James Hansen, December 2005.


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