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Channel Performance and Incentives for Retail Cost Misrepresentation (Links / D MICROECONOMICS)
By Rabah Amir, Thierry Leiber and Isabelle Maret, Bureau d'Économie Théorique et Appliquée, ULP, Strasbourg, Faculté des Sciences Économiques et de Gestion, August 2006. …
14 May, 2007
Endogenous Heterogeneity in Strategic Models: Simmetry-Breaking Via Strategic Substitutes and Nonconcavities (Links / C MATHEMATICAL AND QUANTITATIVE METHODS)
By Rabah Amir, Filomena Garcia, and Malgorzata Knauff, CORE Discussion Paper, February 2006. …
26 May, 2007
Market Expansion and Elasticity Improvement as Complementary Market Activities (Links / D MICROECONOMICS)
By Rabah Amir and Andrea Mantovani, Dipartimento Scienze Economiche, Università di Bologna Working Paper, April 2003. …
14 May, 2007
Market Structure, Scale Economics and Industry Performance (Links / D MICROECONOMICS)
By Rabah Amir, February 2001. …
09 December, 2005
On Taxation Pass-Through for a Monopoly Firm (Links / D MICROECONOMICS)
By Rabah Amir, Isabelle Maret and Michael Troge, Bureau d'Économie Théorique et Appliquée, ULP, Strasbourg, January 2004. …
14 May, 2007
On the Effects of Entry in Cournot Markets (Links / D MICROECONOMICS)
By Rabah Amir and Val E. Lamson, CORE Discussion Paper 9959, November 1999. …
09 December, 2005
Ranking Economics Departments Worldwide on the Basis of PhD Placement (Links / A GENERAL ECONOMICS)
By Rabah Amir and Malgorzarata Knauff, Département des Sciences Économiques de l'Université Catholique de Louvain, CORE Discussion Paper, July 2005. …
14 May, 2007
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