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Binary Vickrey Auction (BVA) - A Robust and Efficient Multi-unit Sealed-bid Auction Protocol Against Buyer False-name Bids (Links / D MICROECONOMICS)
By Zoltán Hidvégi, Wenli Wang and Andrew B. Whinston, Revision 1.90. …
26 July, 2006
CAPM Over the Long-Run: 1926-2001 (Links / G FINANCIAL ECONOMICS)
By Andrew Ang and Joseph Chen, January 21, 2003, AFA 2004 San Diego Meetings. …
12 April, 2006
Common Factors in Conditional Distributions for Bivariate Time Series (Links / C MATHEMATICAL AND QUANTITATIVE METHODS)
By Clive W. J. Granger, Timo Terasvirta and Andrew J. Patton, UCSD Economics Working Paper, November 2003. …
07 March, 2006
Do Macro Variables, Asset Markets or Surveys Forecast Inflation Better? (Links / E MACROECONOMICS AND MONETARY ECONOMICS)
By Andrew Ang, Geert Bekaert and Min Wei, NBER Working Paper, August 2005. …
04 January, 2006
Inference in Nonlinear Econometric Models with Structural Change (Links / C MATHEMATICAL AND QUANTITATIVE METHODS)
By Donald W. K. Andrews and Ray C. Fair, Review of Economic Studies (1988) 55 (4): 615-640. …
01 November, 2011
Shill Bidding in English Auctions (Links / D MICROECONOMICS)
By Wenli Wang, Zoltán Hidvégi and Andrew B. Whinston, First version: January, 2001; Current revision: September 6, 2001. …
12 August, 2010
The Socialist ‘Calculation’ Debate: Lange Versus Mises and Hayek (Links / P ECONOMIC SYSTEMS)
By Andrew Farrant, Economic Notes No. 71, 1996. …
17 March, 2011
Toward a History of Game Theory (Links / C MATHEMATICAL AND QUANTITATIVE METHODS)
By E. Roy Weintraub, Robert W. Dimand, Mary Ann Dimand, Robert J. Leonard, Urs Rellstab, Andrew Schotter, Philip Mirowski, Martin Shubik, Howard Raiffa, Angela M. O'Rand, William H. Riker, Robin E. Ri …
14 January, 2008
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