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Economic Methods, Law and Economics
Enrique A. Bour, AAEP, August 2009.

Law and Economics (L&E) has become an independent discipline around the 1950s in the USA and since then its teaching has been extended into other countries, in particular in Argentina. This article puts the accent on the methodological aspects of this discipline, asking if after all, and taking into account the contributions of several philosophers of science, L&E should be considered as a science. There are several positions concerning this question. In author’s opinion, L&E will evolve towards a scientific discipline but there will be several obstacles to be overcome, requiring the education of several generations of lawyers specializing in Economics.

Keywords: Microeconomics – Incentives – Socialism – Regulated Capitalism– Justice – Corruption – Institutions – New Institutional Economics – Property – Rent-Seeking – Efficiency – Evolutionary Stable Equilibria – Public Choice – Game Theory and Power – The Maximization Hypothesis – Law and Econometrics – Scientific Value of Law and Economics - Law and Science – Popper - Kuhn – Lakatos (JEL: K0).


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