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Economic Crises and Complex Phenomena
By Enrique A. Bour, May 2011, Presented at the XLVIII Annual Meeting of the AAEP, November 2013. ISSN 1852-0022; ISBN 978-987-28590-1-5.

We provide an analysis of the basics of choosing an exchange rate regime, of the similarities between macroeconomic policy and a contract between the public and the private sectors, regarding the controversy between rules and discretion in monetary policy, and others notions of economic policy related to ideas introduced by Leijonhufvud and Heymann. We conclude by considering the relevance of evolutionary ideas and complex approaches in economics.

"Economic Crises and Complex Phenomena" (PDF de 422 KB).
"Economic Crises and Complex Phenomena" - Presentation (PPT de 119 KB).

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